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From Our Family to Yours

All it took was a visit to the family farm years ago to ignite our passion for coffee and need to share with the world the meticulous artistry of crafting the perfect cup. It was there where we truly discovered what coffee really is—what coffee can be.


It has been said that “coffee has a way of stealing time,” but at Hoist and Crane, we truly believe that coffee does quite the opposite. We do not kill time with coffee breaks, we make time to experience all that it has to offer. Coffee has long provided opportunities for community and togetherness. It helps us connect and better use our time as we partake in daily ritual. We want you to look forward to each morning with the same enthusiasm we do. Coffee is in our blood. It’s who we are, and we are so excited to share our passion with the world. We want to welcome you to our family! 

Our Story

The Difference

Special is more than one way



Hoist & Crane Coffee beans originate from our family plantations in the heart of the mountains of Colombia. For four generations, our farms have passed on a legacy of hard work, passion for coffee, and strong values demonstrated in meticulous attention to detail.




Our coffee is cultivated under ecological and chemical-free methods that prevent the exhaustion of the soil, provide optimal conditions for superior coffee harvests and are environmentally friendly. 




Our coffee beans are processed, sorted and milled in-house. After fermenting and drying at the farms, our coffees are taken to the dry mill for the last processing stage. There, they go through two stages of sorting: optical sorting using the highest technology in the market, and manual sorting by female heads of household of the region. This guarantees zero defects in the coffee, and supports the livelihoods of these women.  


No process is outsourced, as our family owns and manages not only the farms, but the dry mill and the exporting company, giving us full traceability of our beans




So often coffee’s journey is a long and arduous one. By the time roasted beans have made their way to the consumer, they have most likely bounced around ships, planes, containers, trucks, and store shelves for several months. 


Our beans are air-shipped in small quantities directly from the mill to us and then roasted to order in Newport, this means you can get coffee beans that were at the farm as little as 10 days ago. 


We take great pride not only in the quality of our coffee but also in its exceptional freshness.

The Difference

The Coffee Journey

Farm to Cup

Coffee Journey

Our Standards

Sustainable & Responsible Farming

An array of coffee varietals are cultivated under an ecological method called Milpa: an ancient Mayan tradition that consists of cultivating corn, squash, beans and plantains alongside the coffee plants. This cohabitation method allows for nutrient balance, preventing the exhaustion and erosion of the soil, as well as providing optimal conditions for superior coffee harvests. 

Beans that could potentially fall causing contamination are picked to prevent broca, a resilient pest that burrows into coffee cherries.  Pests are controlled through awareness and not with chemicals.

Freshness Redefined

REGULAR COFFEE BEANS  spend multiple months in ships, trucks and containers before getting roasted in bulk and then shelved.


OUR COFFEE BEANS are air-shipped in small bags directly from the farm and roasted in small batches to order.

Farm to cup in
as little as 10 days 

Quality & Variety

Specialty grade coffees are cultivated with the highest artisanal standards and detailed care.


Plant diversity (Caturra, Tabi and Geisha), as well as varied processing methods (Washed, Honey, and Natural), give us endless possibilities to begin with. 


The final touch happens at roasting. From light to dark, we have carefully selected a roasting level that elevates each bean to it highest potential. 

The result: a profile for every taste.

Our Standards
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