Bodum Pour Over Acrylic Mug

Pour over coffee is renowned amongst coffee connoisseurs for its robust aroma and full-bodied, smooth taste. This nifty little gadget is the perfect way to brew a single cup of coffee with maximum taste and zero waste. Coffee is brewed in the coffee dripper using a reusable coffee filter cone, and teh only characeristic that separtes it from taditional pour over brewers is that the coffee brews directly into the double wall mug, ready to drink immediately. 


This fuss-free approach to pour over coffee brewing also offers great portability. The double wall mug is made of a shatterproof clear BPA Free plastic so it can be packed in your carry on, enabling you to enjoy your favorite method of coffee brewing wherever your adventures take you. 




  • The perfect way to brew a single cup of coffee sustainably.
  • Makes one 12oz cup of great tasting coffee.
  • Features a reusable coffee filter cone made of stainless steel.
  • Double wall mug is made from durable BPA Free plastic that won’t crack, break or discolor.
  • The coffee dripper and mug are dishwasher safe, so easy to clean.
  • The mug  is microwave safe (NOT THE FILTER)


    Bodum Pour Over Acrylic Mug


    How to brew delicious coffee with the pour over coffee dripper:

    • Add .75oz of freshly groundHoist and Crane coffee  onto the coffee filter cone.
    • Slowly pour hot (200F) water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds, until they’re evenly saturated. Then pour additional hot water up to maximum capacity.
    • Allow water to pass through the coffee into the double wall mug (~4 minutes). 
    • Remove the filter cone and enjoy!